The Truths

After Anthony Neale (vocals) and Joe Taylor (guitar) met through a mutual friend, they started jamming on Anthony's songs.  Almost immediately a strong musical partnership was formed, and they knew they wanted to set the world ablaze with their music. "The chemistry was there from the start”, says Joe. “It just felt right.” Having met bass player James Goddard, Joe knew that he would fit right in. Simon Ward-Wilson (keyboards, guitar) and powerhouse drummer Dave Neale were the last pieces of the jigsaw. “After the first rehearsal it was clear we could make a sound bigger than the sum of our parts”- Anthony Neale. 

With one of the most charismatic lead singers around and a huge stage presence as a band, they’ve been described as “something that’s been missing from British music for a long time”. 

Critical response to their live shows has been ecstatic, prompting one journalist to exclaim "The Truths are the best band I’ve seen in ten years”, Stoked Magazine calling them “a sexy, aggressive wall of sound”, and The Guardian calling them “absolutely f*****g amazing!” 

With their sights set high The Truths look set to kick the doors in this year, and take their place as one of England's most exciting new bands.

How do you describe your music to people, Anthony?
You know all the best band you have ever heard, its like that... squared

Tell me about how you originally got into your craft.
I originally wanted to be a fine artist and was pretty serious about it for a long time, but Art School kinda put me off as i realised that you would be preaching to the converted and that also you could easily mistake what you were doing as Art when it wasn't. The day i left Art School and faced a wider world was the day i became an Artist, also being working class i had to earn a living, no bank of mummy and daddy for me, so i thought, right Brian Eno couldn't play an instrument and neither can i, lets go get a record deal. And i did.

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
To think, to actually stop for a moment and think about something, actually evaluate something and come to a conclusion by myself. Lots of people regurgitate what they have heard or read and /or what they believe they should or shouldn't like or say in reponse to something. Very few people actually have their own opinion. 

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your business?
Fitting it all in, i literally do not have enough time to do it all, thats why i have a manager who can deal with enquiries etc as i want to do everything and would probably work all the time.  thats also why i have a better half who can tell me to stop and spend time with her. Also i detest any kind of paperwork, i actually tried an experiment once, i put all my correspondance in a draw for a year, and hey, i didn't die, nothing happened. This led me to believe that most of it was irrelevant, which i had suspected anyway, its just another by-product of the mad situation we have got ourselves in to as a society.

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
I knew i was going to ba a me, and i have worked extremely hard at that all my life.

In what way has your community impacted your development as a musician?
The recession has and will effect culture in a negative way, and by extension art and artists in England. I mean in my community which is a musical and artistic community worldwide as i work with people from lots of different countries, as well as my immediate community, i.e my friends, family and the actual place i live, i see job losses, financial hardship and a lot of stress, also an extreme amount of anger to do with the Banks and bankers and also the wars we are fighting that no one can really explain the reason for, why is the country skint? there's your reasons and it's got fuck all to do with me or anyone i know, we have just become the victims of it, i mean who is actually to blame? i'd have Gordon and Tony's heads on a stick for a start i can tell you.

But the cuts started way before we elected our charming old Etonians to steer the ship, both Labour and Conservative have created a situation where on a surface level they support but behind closed doors they neglect, i mean how many artists become politicians?? No one in the cabinet has any conception of what Art (and i mean this in it's broadest sense) is. Because Art doesn't really mean anything, it a word like freedom or culture, it cannot be easily defined and therefore doesn't easily conform to a spreadsheet in terms of it's monetary value. This creates a situation where Arts has funding but based on a pre post modern understanding of what Art is. An example would be the Royal Opera getting millions a year, but a struggling fine artist being told to fuck off when they approach the Arts council for a few grand to continue whatever it is they do. Worse is that horrid public art stuff you see, work by committee that says and does nothing.

As a musician and as a producer, re-mixer and guest vocalist i see the financial problems on a day to day basis. Its called a music industry, people need to earn to continue as we have created a situation as a culture that even breathing costs money, unless we want Art and music to become separated on one side with it being a hobby for most as you can't make a living, or the reserve of the middle and upper classes who can afford to do it then something has to give. At the moment an entire generation of bands won't get signed as there is no one to sign them, the record companies are broke due to downloads, hubris and sheer stupidity. Cowell rules with his trash aesthetic and something that was at the centre of culture has been pushed to the edge because everyone thinks there is nothing to it, that its easy and equates being a musician or a singer with Cowell's puppets, he has destroyed the myth and the beauty, i mean imagine Johnny Rotten, Ian Brown, Ian Curtis, Jim Morrison etc, they wouldn't even get an audition on X factor, yet these are real artists, not fucking androids who sole reason for being is to make money, not art.

Art and culture are organic so they will continue to develop due to their very nature, and as part of this culture , so i guess i will continue to develop, it will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years!

What other artists out there do you love?
I respect and admire anyone who has or does create something, from Picasso to Basiljet (the bloke who designed the London sewer system, genius!). Pretty much every record or film or novel or whatever i own i guess i love, because Art, music whatever is a love affair really, it's their romantic qualities that attract me, thats why i wanted to be an Artist, not a gardener or something.

What does your future hold?
Now there's a question, i dont know, births, marriages and deaths in every sense. Cybernetics is the idea of surfing the dynamics of the system, so i guess i will try to continue to do that as you never know where the wave will take you.