Linktastic: Stuff that Sucks!

Jerk StoreCandidate: Keep state's complexion white
Murdough says he isn't racist, either. It's a matter of black and white, says Ryan Murdough, Republican candidate for the State House in Grafton County's 8th District. No room for gray area. And no room for Asians or Hispanics or Jews or African-Americans or American Indians, either. Just Americans. Real Americans. Plymouth Rock Americans. White Americans who bleed red, white and blue. Uncle Sam wants them. To anyone else, don't let Lady Liberty hit you on the butt on your way out of New York Harbor.

Let’s Not Be Silly: The Marie Arraras 911 Call, and What It Means
We are told, all of us, lady and dude and every other fantastic gender under the sun, that you call 911 when there’s an emergency. We are especially told that if we are people of the lady persuasion–not only because we are assumed to be incapable of dealing with anything messy and violent (except, you know, housework and rape), but because if, Cthulu forbid it, something happens to us, and we didn’t call, well then it’s clearly all our fault.

In D.C., New York and San Fran, Carrying a Condom Can Give Cause to Arrest
You’d think this was one of those mythical laws from one of those Puritan colonial states, but it’s not. D.C. police confirm that carrying a condom, while with another person, can contribute to cause to arrest for prostitution.

And who’s protecting my right not to be offended?
The title is a direct quote from this WND article arguing that atheists should be denied their freedom of speech to protect the delicate sensibilities of fundamentalist Christians who apparently will lose their faith the second someone looks at it sideways.

BofA charges Georgians $9 for a paper statement
American Banker is reporting that Bank of America is now kindly charging certain customers in Georgia $8.95 a month to receive paper statements.