Linktastic: Stuff that Rocks!

Not A Book
Have you entered the sticker giveaway yet?  Do it!  You know you wanna. 

Classic games room...
After our roommate moved out a month or so ago, bearfoot1230 and I agreed to turn his old bedroom into a guest bedroom / classic gaming room. There's still a lot more that I want to do with it, but it's finally at a stage where I can sit down and play some Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

The World Becomes Too Good For Us, As Betty White Hits 'Community'
The Hollywood Reporter says she'll be playing a "slightly unhinged anthropology professor." I'll just bet she will. She's always a little unhinged, everything about Community is unhinged ... it's a delightful fit.

And Now, A Word From The Daily Show
Yes, women is what we are, and also we work at The Daily Show. We are all sorts of things: Production assistants! Administrative assistants! Writers’ assistants! So many of us women are assisting! Why, we even sometimes get our jokes on the air! But not our names, apparently, in many cases, or our faces, in all but three cases. Just because our names do not appear on the writers’ credits — just because we do not, as the saying goes, “get credit” for our work — this should not imply to you that our work is not valued! We are women! This is enough!