Light Housekeeping

Hey y'all!  I just wanted to point out a few changes to the blog.  You'll notice that there's a new META section over there replacing the old links section.  That's where you can contact me, check out random linkage, and go over the fine print (terms and disclosures so you know what's up and the FTC is happy).  These links were always there, but now they're...fancy I guess.

There are a couple of new things over there too.  Special Discounts is where I am putting sales and coupon codes from my sponsors.  They're mostly music gear, printing stuff, and art supplies.  Good stuff.  This means I won't be doing the weekly savings roundup anymore.  Same savings, different format.

I've also added a Giveaway Directory where I will be listing any giveaways and contests I hear about that you guys might want to enter.  Speaking of which, we have two giveaways coming up later this month on SCS!  I love love LOVE hosting giveaways.  Details to come on those.  If you're hosting a giveaway on your site and you want to be added to the directory (or if you want me to host a giveaway for you here) let me know.

Last thing is that I am using a new ad service now, which you might have noticed.  I'm using Project Wonderful, which is a lot easier and more transparent for me and way cheaper for sponsors.  It costs literally pennies to place an ad now!  If you're interested, check it out over here.

Have a good weekend, y'all!