David Cloyd

With his second album, I COULD DISAPPEAR, released worldwide today, David Cloyd follows on the national success of his debut effort, UNHAND ME, YOU FIEND!, delivering a powerful collection of performances unlike any in his past—solo, in the studio.

Evoking the striking intimacy of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" or Nick Drake's "Pink Moon," Cloyd offsets the Radiohead-like architecture of his first album, using only guitar or piano to accompany his haunting vocals.

Simple and timeless, these stirring arrangements offer a stripped and vivid vision, where only the muscle and bone of Cloyd's songwriting are left exposed.

Knowing this unique album was more than simply a companion to its predecessor, Cloyd found reinterpreting material from UNHAND ME, YOU FIEND! a distinct opportunity. “With each song boiled down to its essence, I discovered something really exciting,” recalls Cloyd. “Working with less demands more from you as an artist.”

Inspired songs and inspired singing are all you need if you have the goods, and with the abundance of goods it has to offer, I COULD DISAPPEAR begs only one question, offered with a smile from its sole performer.

"Since less is more . . . why do we even call it ‘less’?”

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