Freakin' Awesome Friday

Here are some freakin' awesome things I saw this week

LADYPALOOZA PRESENTS! The World At Large: How Privilege works in Rock Music
[Hey, dudes and ladies! Guess what we're still up to? Yes, it is still time for LADYPALOOZA, the badly-titled Ladies and Music and Whatnot THEME POST PARTY on the Tiger Beatdown. We tried to stop it! (FULL DISCLOSURE: We did not try to stop it.) But it was JUST TOO GOOD. For example, you may remember that one of our posts, the first one, by a lady named Silvana, got quite the reaction. Often from prog-rock fans, for whatever reason! Because we have learned that you can write about overthrowing The Patriarchy and de-privilegizing the dudes and also racism and how probably more people are really fucking racist than they realize, and also we're really into QUEER people having rights TOO, and we maintain that you shouldn't make fun of fat people because it's dehumanizing and gross, and you shouldn't use "retarded" as an all-purpose insult because folks with disabilities also matter, and trans issues are really fucking important and central and your "tranny" jokes are just NOT SO WITTY AS YOU MIGHT SUPPOSE, we can do all of that and people will basically pay us no mind -- it's the Internet, women be shopping and/or conspiring to overthrow the entire culture as it is currently structured, whaddayagonnado -- but, whatever you do, DON'T GO AFTER A MAN'S RUSH RECORDS. Because that business IS IMPORTANT. Well, it turns out that when a post gets over 100 comments, we like to do a follow-up! And, you guys, guess who's back?]

A thought about political behavior, in which I do not endorse any particular policy, ideology or agenda.
We need to stop hating in this country. We need to stop hating people because they disagree with us. Even if we are adamantly opposed to the policies they propose, the people they have sex with, the color of their skin, the taxes they pass, or the wars they get involved in, there is no room for hate in this country. We are too great for that.

We bought forgeries, says National Gallery

In an unprecedented spirit of public transparency (and perverse pride), the National Gallery in central London is dusting down its holdings of forged paintings, accidentally bought as genuine works, supposedly by Botticelli, Holbein and Durer, among others, and showing them off to the public.

Essential life skill: toilet paper origami

Leave a surprise in the bathroom of your dinner party host. (No! I mean a nice surprise.) Or delight the next visitor who enters that public restroom stall. In just 60 seconds, you can make someone else's life worth living. 

Stiletto Spy School 
What weirdness is this?? Martini mixing? *intrigued* MacGuyver survival skills? *hmm* Stunt driving?! *whoa* Samurai sword fighting?! *omg*
I quickly checked out the about page to see what was going on with this hodgepodge of skills training. I mean, what does flirtation have to do with knife fighting? It seems these ladies want us to become the next generation of awesome spy girls!

The Infomercial “Doing It Wrong” Megamix
The “tired of doing things THE OLD WAY?” clips from infomercials are my favorite thing in the world. This video is a compilation of nothing but those moments.