Awesome Free Sampler!

So Amazon always has a ton of free samplers available for download on their website. I have a bunch of them collected here if you want to peruse the listing. Sometimes they're good. Sometimes they're freaking horrible and I delete them pretty much immediately. I just noticed the new one from Sub Pop Records that's really pretty exciting, so I thought I'd draw attention to it.

Check out the track list!

  1. Helplessness Blues (Album) - Fleet Foxes
  2. Amor Fati - Washed Out
  3. Wonder Why (Album) - Vetiver
  4. Lost in My Mind (Album) - The Head And The Heart
  5. Tangie and Ray - Fruit Bats
  6. Tio Sam (Album) - Aurelio
  7. The Fox - Niki & The Dove
  8. Rano Pano (Album) - Mogwai
  9. Swerve... the reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding) (clean) - Shabazz Palaces
  10. Endless Summer - Still Corners
  11. Peace on the Rise (Album) - Chad Vangaalen
  12. Not Enough (Album) - J Mascis
  13. Rebound (Remastered) - Sebadoh
  14. You Gotta Lose (Album) - Obits
  15. He Gets Me High (Album) - Dum Dum Girls
  16. Repatriated - Handsome Furs
  17. On the Corner (Album) - The Twilight Singers
  18. Do You Really Wanna Know (Album) - Papercuts
  19. Bronx Sniper - Mister Heavenly
  20. Bones - Male Bonding
  21. How Come? - Avi Buffalo
  22. Especially Me (Album) - Low
  23. O My Soul (Album) - Daniel Martin Moore

So go get it!