Buddy Love Project

Most listeners have never heard or seen anything quite like the Buddy Love Project. The California native mixes hip-hop, pop, rock and dance music into a special fusion he calls Future Disco.

The brand new genre was born out of Love’s boredom with today’s pop music. Love is by no means a delusional rookie; he has the stripes to take inventory and the skill to change it. Having been signed to Ice Cube as a teenager as part of the group Anotha Level as Bambino and to Ice T as part of The Himalayaz, the self proclaimed “Professional Funster” is fully exercising his alter ego in the form of Buddy Love.

Alter egos aren’t that foreign to music. Shock G has Humpty Hump, T.I. has Tip, Nikki Minaj has about a million of them and now Bambino has Buddy Love

The character began taking shape last year when Love and his full time engineer Junior (who sang on Yung Berg’s breakout hit “Sexy Lady”) were recording with Love’s friend Stenge-O (also formerly of Anotha Level). The session produced the first song from the project titled “I Real Eyez.” The song features Love spitting party rhymes with a faux British accent but also sprinkling in a message.

Don’t get it confused, Buddy is all about fun but it’s necessary to throw a curveball every once in awhile. “Everybody is going left so I chose to fake left and go right. I’m tired of music being the same thing over and over again,” says Love.

Love quickly fell in the groove of the project, easily developing the Future Disco sound. He and producer C Ballin (Baby Bash’s “Fantasy Girl” and “Go Girl”) recorded 18 full quality songs in a few weeks. “We were just having fun,” says Love. “Nothing serious just having a good time and trying shit out the box.

The product of the sessions—My Future Disco—was released this summer. MFD features Love singing, rapping and generally rocking out.

The first single from the project is "Borrow Your Love," a club driven record about a chick that wants everything from Buddy and he’s so sprung that he gives it all just so he can borrow what she’s got. The record is receiving a great reception in clubs on the West Coast proving that fans are ready for something new. And that something new is the Buddy Love Project.

If you still don’t get what Buddy Love or Future Disco is all about don’t worry just remember Love’s credo: "It's hard to hate on fun and if it ain’t fun, Buddy ain’t fuckin' with it."

How do you describe your music to people?
Futuristic yet a Blast from the past. Fun bangin music. Rock The Bells meets Woodstock. Love songs man! BUDDY LOVE SONGS!!

Tell me about how you originally got into your craft.
My alter ego Bambino was a rapper from the group Anotha Level. They are west coast legends in Hip Hop. My grand pops is JOHNNY OTIS who is in the Blues Music Hall of Fame. My mom and grand mother both were singers in their days. Music is in me, the craft came out of the love of hearing music and wanting my stake in the game. High school we would freestyle rhymes on the way to parties.  I polished the craft, it became more diverse over time. But Buddy Love, me, yeah I'm a dude from outer space. 5454 AD

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
Travel with people I love! Lets pack and fly over Foreign skies.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your business?
Getting this project to the masses without a major label. I just need the people to have my music available to vibe on. The music will speak for itself.

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
A fireman. Football player and rapper was the dream.

In what way has your community impacted your development as a musician?
I grew up in the hood in Los Angeles California so initial impact was street driven. After seeing the world through more mature eyes I now know the affect of music on the kids. I hope to inspire kids to do the best for themselves, to believe in themselves even when things are harsh and hard. Music can teach and help release, it can influence as well. I hope my music makes my community get back to fun, love, and happiness. I guess my communities harshness made me a funster hippie. Life is too short to stress it so hard. BLOVE

What other artists out there do you love?


What does your future hold?
The key to understanding the past, happiness, pain, love, hate, life and death. And through it all I'M HAVING SOME FUCKIN FUN! WAYYYYY MORE THAN A LITTLE.