Breaking News: WRVU in Nashville to Change Format

Well hell.

We've known for awhile that WRVU, the free-form college station run out of Vanderbilt here in Nashville, was in danger.  Things have been shady for awhile.  Rumors have swirled that the license would change hands.  That apparently happened a week ago, and now we know that it was purchased by the local public radio affiliate, WPLN.  Normally WPLN getting an extra station would be a win for me; I love public radio.  But this is an enormous loss, if what they're saying is true (which it likely is).  Apparently WPLN is going to convert WRVU (now WFCL) to an all-classical format and transition WPLN to an all-news and talk format.  Again, normally I'd be all over that.  We don't have an all-classical station, and that would be awesome to have.  And WPLN news and talk shows are my crack.  Love them.  But getting more of those at the cost of WRVU?  This is a sad, sad loss for my city.

College radio is such a beautiful thing.  I had a stupid little late night show at one time on WQFS in NC.  I learned a lot working there.  It breaks my heart that college kids coming to Music Freaking City aren't going to have that same opportunity.

Man, Nashville radio blows anymore.  [Insert an old-fogey rant about what radio was like back in my day here.]

Edited to add: you can contact WPLN here if you have concerns about this.  But be nice.  I love WPLN.  And WRVU.  I can't believe that some compromise can't be reached here.  Maybe there's hope yet?