All Natural Acoustics

All Natural Accoustics features unique wood designs for those who love acoustic music.  You can see more of their work on Etsy and

Tell me about yourselves and what you do.
My name is Preston Ward, and my wife is Candy. I am 53, and we are both retired from traditional work.  I've worked with wood for many years. We are also avid musicians. I play guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and sing with my wife. Candy also plays percussion instruments, and we utilize the washboard frequently.  We perform and love Country/Bluegrass with a twist of Blues. I have a significant drum background and wanted to add to our music with some rhythmic sounds.

Being a Bluegrass fan, acoutics are of the utmost importance to us. Bluegrassers do not use electronic sounds. Instruments are mic'ed up just like a vocalist would be, to give that full acoustic sound that Bluegrass and Folk musicians love.

I began by building Acoustic Stomp Boxes (wooden boxes made to project sound by tapping the box with the soul of your foot). Accoustic Stomp Boxes give me hands-free rhythmic sounds that add fullness to our music, and help us keep our music timed at a consistent tempo. I am able to sing, play my instruments, and play my stomp box all at the same time...all with that full acoustic sound.

Different types of wood create different tones, making our Acoustic Stomp Boxes very versitile. You can keep the beat simple, or with a little practice you can create differing rhythmic beats to give a unique sound to your music. You can also create different sounds by utilizing a variety of our Acoustic Stomp Boxes. With our StompBoxes, the options are endless.

There is no electronic pickup needed. These boxes are TOTALLY ACOUSTIC! Perfect for bluegrass jams or just jamming with the band or buddies! If you need more sound I offer a wood clapper that uses leather straps and velcro to attach to your foot. In a large auditorium, just mic up the box with a vocal or instrument mic.

I also make what I call a "Knuckle Knocker". This is a hand-held acoustic box that gives great tone by rapping the box with your knuckles. A stick is also offered for those with tender knuckles, but I love the tone given by the knuckle knocking on the wood.

All our boxes are made of solid wood tops and sides. WE DO NOT use plywood or pressed wood. Each box is sanded and given multiple layers of high quality varnish for beauty and protection.

Our Microphone Stand Caddy is extremely helpful to us.  We use it for beverages and there is a small shelf for picks, cappos, etc.

How did you originally get into your craft?
I've worked with wood for many years. We are also avid musicians.  We perform and love Country/Bluegrass with a twist of Blues. I began by building Accoustic Stomp Boxes to help add fill to our music.  Having good imagination, being handy with a tool, and having a huge interest in musical instruments and music as a whole, we have developed a small business that has been right up our alley.  We LOVE being involved in the music industry.  

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
and when we have free time, more MUSIC.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your business?
Getting our product out to those in the industry that we are not in contact with.

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
A bigger kid.

What item in your collection would you like to receive as a gift if someone were shopping for you?
Acoustic Stomp Box

What other artists out there do you love?
Delia Lowe

What does your future hold?
I hope our business builds, and I hope to have more music gigs in our future.