Natural Born Beauties

Jesslabelle Avelar of NBB Wear designs quality crafted millinery. NBB makes all its own patterns and clothing designed to last and to be added to anyone's wardrobe collection. NBB is also coming out with a Lingerie collection this winter.

The NBB vision is to embrace the beautiful femininity from the past and join it with the strength and independence women have today. Their goal is to inspire EVERY type of woman, creating designs that are both classy and flattering to every shape woman. We are all beautiful and deserve to flaunt it!

Tell me about how you originally got into your craft, Jesslabelle.
Since, I was a little girl I would design dresses and bows for my barbie dolls. I would draw a picture and my big sister would sew them.

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
I love playing with dogs; they are so cheerful all the time, puts me in a good mood.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your business?
Marketing & Advertising. It's always a challenge trying to decide how to advertise and what will show your product to the right market.

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
[Whenever anyone] asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I would reply with "I dont want to be, I WILL be a fashion designer"

What item in your collection would you most like to receive as a gift if someone were shopping for you?
Hmm, tough one. probably the PVC hats. The shine always gives me confidence for some a dominatrix. haha.

What other artists out there do you love?
Oh my! Everyone has such a special talent hidden under there sleeve, its hard to pin point a few. But generally speaking...I'd say the persons that make quality corsets!

What does your future hold? 
I hope my business grows, not only to dress women but to pass on the message "we are all Natural Born Beauties, celebrate it." I'm also a certified make up artist and plan to volunteer my time at youth groups to teach young woman about skin care and self image. I believe young girls should be given the opportunity to learn how to care for their face and love it....before they get any surgery ideas due to mainstream society.