Derek Jordan

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There is no doubt a difference between living life and merely enduring it. Living life involves risk and creativity, and rejecting what tradition and others have decided for us. After reading The Four Agreements, Derek Jordan decided that it was time to make a change. The singer/guitarist from Los Angeles has electrified minds ever since with his original genre, psych alternative rock. Combining lyrics that are meant to stir the subconscious unrest with high energized alternative rock to the likes of Placebo, Pearl Jam, and 30 Seconds to Mars, Derek Jordan’s mission is to liberate the human race from the confines of materialism and delusions of contentment that the herd creates.

Derek doesn’t believe in under-living yourself. He doesn’t believe in others making decisions for you. And he certainly doesn’t believe in conformity for its own sake. What he does believe in is allowing your private vision of the world to define your own notions of beauty and allowing you to discover your individual passions. With his music, Derek aims to liberate individuals that are shackled by their dissatisfaction with life and are kept immobile by their hopelessness. People are trapped in their lives by fear and avoidance of pain, resulting in the distortion of pleasure, adventure, and freedom that life is meant to be. It is a common conception that you can’t get what you want out of life and that greatness only comes from luck. This is absolutely absurd to Derek. He believes that this social mindset has plagued the mind and suppressed quality of life.

Derek Jordan explores the descent of humanity into emptiness and transcendence into passion and doing what entertains our senses. Through the journey, Derek experiences anger, desperation, hopelessness and he injects this fuel into his lyrics. With the instrumental aspects, he fuses a collection of blues rock, swing, folk and heavy rock elements.

You can expect Derek Jordan’s music to be reluctant to follow tradition and ever-evolving as he continues his musical quest and personal mission to awaken and enlighten individual minds. To Derek, independent-mindedness is what is missing, and he wants you to reconsider what you’ve been taught.

How do you describe your music to people, Derek?
I describe my music as Psych Alternative Rock, which combines lyrics that are meant to stir the subconscious unrest with high energized alternative rock to the likes of Placebo, Pearl Jam, Muse, and 30 Seconds to Mars. The purpose of my music is to open our minds and liberate the human race from the confines of materialism and social conformity, wake us up, and fight for what we believe in.

Tell me about how you originally got into your craft.
I began my musical adventure when I first stumbled across a guitar in my Grandparents' attic when I was 11 years old. A couple days later, my 5th grade friends and I were in the library and they were talking about starting a band. I had no clue how to play guitar yet, but I asked if I could join. After a 30 second huddle, they said O.K. As those friends lost interest in the following years, I stuck with it. Music became my calling and voice to express myself. It gave me purpose because it was something I was actually getting good at. When I look back, it wasn't the sound of the notes or the enjoyment of playing that got me hooked, it was the sense of belonging and fulfillment. It was the sense of knowing this is who I am.

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
Inspire people to follow their dreams. And I truly believe you can do anything. If you tell me you can fly, who am I to doubt it?

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your business?
Making a living from it, but I am sure that will change soon.

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
Age 5 a Ghostbuster, age 6 a pirate, age 8 John Conner, age 11 a rock star.

In what way has your community impacted your development as a musician?
I've been living in Los Angeles for almost three years and the environment is perfect for my musical development. Reasons being that there are so many talented people here and they are all hungry and passionate, with intriguing personalities and stories. Its like the land of outcasts. What would get weird looks in another community is nothing abnormal here. Its perfect. Knowing how Los Angeles really is, I also know what it is not. The magazines, reality tv shows, and such make it out to be this huge dramatic playground. This fuels my music, because the media makes people living outside Los Angeles believe it is a bittersweet monster. Any social misconception fuels my music. Like the first years for many musicians in Los Angeles, I have a day job. I am forced to wear a jacket and tie and I have first hand experience in the asinine politics and misery that consume countless lives. Boy if I could get everyone out of there I would. Many are lost forever though. You can see the death in their eyes. Those are the patients that have become the infection. My music really exposes this false hope and sense of security. I believe in hope, but there is a false hope. That is when you are hoping while you are not doing anything to stop yourself from falling. Life is about so much more. More than a piece of paper with numbers, more than your preferred pen, more than being right or wrong. We should all be pioneers and captains of the high seas.

What other artists out there do you love?
Led Zeppelin taught me how to play guitar, so I'll forever love them the most. My other loves are 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, Pearl Jam, Placebo, My Chemical Romance, Pink Floyd, and The Doors.

What does your future hold?
I'm working on getting on a 25 USA city tour called WebFest Tour. Its the first of its kind because fans online choose what bands get selected for the tour. I'm going to go on this tour, leave the day job world, and inspire millions around the World to do the same by pursuing their passions and what they believe in. I'm going to play the first concert on the Moon and then one on Mars.