Linktastic: Stuff that Sucks!

Middle School Segregates Class Elections by Race
Thinking about running for eighth grade class president at Nettleton Middle School in Nettleton, Mississippi? Well... are you white? Because only white kids are allowed to run for president. Black kids can be vice-president, though! But only black kids.

Alaska’s Parental Notification Law
Parental consent and notification laws are one of those things that are politically popular among conservative — and even moderate — voters. What I find dangerous about the law is that it taps into a stereotypical parental protective instinct, sort of a mom- or dad-knows-best mentality. Fundamentally, though this simply isn’t practical or good policy.

Movement at Root of Recent Police Murders Growing
Sovereign citizens believe most Americans have no obligation to obey laws, regulations or tax codes, especially those imposed by the federal government. They justify their beliefs on the basis of decades-old conspiracy theories and intricate, nonsensical legal theories.

Mom Sues After State Takes Baby in Hospital Translation Horror
Cirila Baltazar Cruz, an undocumented woman from Oaxaca who speaks neither English nor Spanish, had to fight for a year to regain custody of her infant daughter, Ruby. The lawsuit alleges that the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) deemed Cruz unfit after hospital officials were unable to communicate with her shortly after the girl was born.
Cruz speaks Chatino, an indigenous dialect that the hospital’s interpreter didn’t know. Instead, after trying to talk with Cruz, the interpreter surmised that she was prostituting herself for food and housing and was already planning to give the girl up for adoption. Cruz has said in court filings that she was trying to explain that she worked in a Chinese restaurant and lived in an apartment.

One in Five Americans Believe Barack Obama is a Muslim
Predictably, Republicans are far more likely to believe the president is a Muslim than Democrats are — nearly a third of Republicans think Obama is Muslim. But most surprising is the fact that the number of people who believe Obama is a Muslim has actually increased in the past year.

Lord Forgive Me For I Have Sinned
I have hate in my heart. Yes, I do. I hate Maury Davis with a passion. He represents all that is wrong with the world and with the Evangelical Christian movement. Here's a murderer...a vicious and brutal killer of old women, who got off damn near Scot-free because he's a charismatic murderer who conned some jury members into believing his sob story of finding Christ. He never found Christ, he found a way to get out of jail and make a butt load of cash. Now, this two-bit huckster and scum of the Earth is questioning the President's religious faith because he's "pro-Islam," tweeting..."If the Pres is Christian then WHY is he so pro-Islam? Can't imagine Christ saying one good thing about any other faith. He said they're evil"

Declining To Chug An Iced Triple Venti Decaf Cup Of Starbucks Outrage
Yes, Starbucks calls its biggest coffee "venti" instead of "large." God forbid this lady ever wind up wanting breakfast at Denny's, home of the breakfast it calls Moons Over My Hammy.