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someecards: Shitty SalaryAmericans Owe More In Student Loans Than Credit Cards
That’s the word from the Federal Reserve’s June 2010 numbers. The Wall Street Journal reports that outstanding revolving credit stands at $826.5 billion, but Americans currently owe more than $829 billion in both private and federal student loans.

MLK’s Niece: Gay Marriage Is “Genocide”
King also rejected MLK’s widow’s famous support for gay rights and marriage equality, saying that she “shared” Dr. King’s “DNA” and Coretta Scott King was “only related … through marriage.” Alveda King also refused to answer what she thought “would happen if white people were allowed to vote” on civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s. Alveda King—who has had two abortions and admits to being “the first in the King family to have a divorce”—has previously said “everybody uses Martin Luther King Jr.’s name for their own benefit.” Truer words were never spoken.

Proposed mosque brings threat of lawsuit to commissioners
Good grief, Murfreesboro...

Exposure to prejudice may cause aggression, overeating, lack of focus: study
In one of the experiments, female students were brought into a lab and given a rigorous test to determine their ability in math, while subjected to subtle stereotypes about women’s math skills. Another group wrote the same test, but was given coping strategies and support to deal with the stress of writing the test. Everyone was given low scores and negative feedback. Later, they were asked to take part in a series of tasks to determine their levels of aggression. In the followup tasks, women who felt discriminated against showed more hostility than those who’d been given the coping strategies.

14th Amendment Chatter’s Too Much for Even Bush-Era GOP
Bush-era Republicans have become the voice of reason inside the party on the 14th Amendment. That’s how craven today’s GOP leaders have become in their effort to drum up votes by stoking xenophobia.

Verizon, Google Plot an Internet With Traffic Ghettos
Not cool, guys.  Don't be evil indeed.