Unanimous Craft

I was invited this week to go check out an up and coming resource for artists and the broader craft community over at Unanimous Craft.
Unanimous Craft is a tagable, sortable index of resources for crafters, artists and indie business owners. We submit our favorite resources and welcome the community to do the same. Once you become a member, you can submit resources you like, review and rate other resources and curate lists of your favorites.
I was asked to curate a list of resources on a subject of my choice. I chose to write a bit about my ongoing struggle to actually get my ass in gear and make my house look like I actually live there! Here is my list: getting over white wall syndrome... Go laugh at my struggles and check out the awesome resources in my list.  A bunch of folks who actually know what they're doing!

While you're there you should submit some resources of your own and trying your hand at curating a list!  It's a really fun way to discover new resources and get the word out about artists, bloggers, and other resources you admire.