Linktastic: Stuff that Sucks!

Out of work? Maybe it's 'cause you're unattractive
Your education, skills and experience are great and all, but what really matters is how you look in a dress.

Bait taken
As you no doubt are aware, there’s been a dust-up as of late due to the NAACP rearing up and saying what’s obvious, which is there are whole buncha racists in the Tea Party movement. In perhaps the weakest effort in the entire history of efforts to disprove a claim, spokesperson for the Tea Party Express Mark Williams put up a “satirical” letter in response. He took it down after it was revealed that this was some racist shit, but Ta-Nehisi has reprinted the whole thing for our collective edification.

18-year-old singer gets Botox to prepare for Glee debut
Charice Pempengco, an 18-year-old Filipino singer who recently released her first album, prepared for her debut on the show Glee "by getting Botox and an anti-aging procedure".