Linktastic: Stuff that Rocks!

Vintage Vantage: ScienceI didn't manage to get any links posted last week, so here are about two weeks worth of linkspam.  Enjoy!

Win for Women's Health: New Gel Significantly Cuts Risk of HIV and Herpes Transmission!
In a huge win for women's health, a new study published today found that a gel applied by women before and after sex slashed the chance of acquiring the AIDS virus by 39% and the genital herpes virus by 51%.

Super Heroes vs. the Westboro Baptist Church
They've faced down humans time and time again, but Fred Phelps and his minions from the Westboro Baptist Church were not ready for the cosplay action that awaited them today at Comic-Con. After all, who can win against a counter protest that includes robots, magical anime girls, Trekkies, Jedi and...kittens?

Super Sketchy: 15 Beautiful Hand-Drawn Websites
The juxtaposition of these spontaneous, free-flowing, real-world elements against the sometimes cold and impersonal nature of the internet infuses some much-needed character and warmth into a wide range of websites, from health insurance blogs to record companies.

Victory for Constance McMillen!
It's completely bullshit that Constance ever went through such cruel discrimination. But what she's done with this opportunity for activism, and the incredible support she's gotten from so many people, has been really beautiful to watch. Congratulations Constance, and thank you for turning such a horrible experience into an opportunity to make real change!