Freakin' Awesome Friday

McKinley High MathletesAlt Text: The Nice Guy’s Guide to Realizing You’re Not That Nice
There are any number of geek guys running around out there without the love and companionship that many people and all golden retrievers deserve. Sometimes these guys sit down and try to figure out why they’re living a life devoid of love, romance, sex and discussions about whose hair it is in the shower drain. They undertake a deep self-assessment, questioning all their long-cherished beliefs about themselves, and this is what they conclude: They’re too nice. And that’s hilarious!

Hundreds stage counter-protest over school mural
Prescott Unified School District administrators announced to a cheering crowd Saturday morning that the Mural Mice will restore the original design of the 'Go on Green' mural at Miller Valley Elementary School.

thanks for shredding my paper, coffee table
how cool would it be if you didn’t have to hide an ugly shredder, but rather you could slide the paper through the top of your coffee table and store the colorful shreds below until they were ready for recycling? that’s the premise behind pigeontail design’s papervore coffee table (albeit the shredding is done via a manual crank). i love the way the “trash” actually becomes a design element with this table- it’s such a clever idea.