Tennessee Under Water

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As I posted the other day, my home state is underwater right now.  Here in Music City and the surrounding area the loss has been enormous.  Here is a roundup of information about what is happening here.

Temporary shelters are at capacity, missing people are unaccounted for, many homes are under water, there is a water conservation emergency, and much of Nashville's economic base is threatened by flood damage. You can help by going to www.nashvilleredcross.org or http://www.cfmt.org/floodrelief/


@CntryMusicCares/follow-for-flood-victims These users are donating $0.10 per new follower to the Nashville Chapter of the American Red Cross!

So Nashville Is Flooded… How Can I Help?


Athena said...

Another way to help: a bunch of us artists are having a benefit for the flood victims at Billups Art on Saturday, May 15, 2010, from 6-10 p.m. Art will be sold or auctioned off, and we're asking for donations of non-perishables for people and animals, as well as clothing. All money will be donated to the American Red Cross. It promises to be a great event (the roster was completely filled in less than a day!) with music as well- I hope as many people as possible can come.

Fresh Peaches said...

That's great! I'm posting about that to Facebook as well. Another artist friend of mine may be contacting you to see how she can help.

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