Seven Ply

The mission of Lynn Weiler of Seven Ply is to rescue, recycle, and reuse broken skateboards by turning them into a unique piece jewelry. They are breathing new life into these seven layers and converting this scuffed up toy into something beautiful. Saving one skateboard at a time, Seven Ply is "Turning Thrash’n into Fashion". Who doesn’t like going green in style? Each piece is handmade and one of a kind.... accessories with a story. 

Tell me about how you originally got into your craft, Lynn.
It all started when my great grandmother passed away. I was just about eight years old and she left me her jewelry box. An old black box with a red Asian motif, the contents had mesmerized me. Mostly costume jewelry, I knew that I could bring life to this tangle of old clip earrings, knotty necklaces and bracelets. Through the years my  style has matured but the one thing that has remained the same is a passion for old forgotten jewelry.

In 2007 I became obsessed with broken skateboards.  I knew that what I had been doing with vintage jewelry could some how translate into giving broken decks a new lease on life.  Thus Seven Ply was born. 

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
My most favorite thing to do in the whole wide is hands down taking bike rides with my husband, Denis and my 2 year old son, Elijah Hurricane.  (And sometimes, if he’s lucky, our 5 year old Boston terrier, Kona)  We live on this great wooded road that ends at the bay.  It is just gorgeous right after dinner and the sunsets are amazing! 

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your business?
Finding a good balance between taking care of my family and running my business is quite challenging but also makes life interesting!  My son loves to sit outside with me and “make neckies” as he says….He really is my little helper. 

What item in your shop would you most like to receive as a gift if someone were shopping for you?
I would love to receive a “Mustache Necklace”…they are super quirky  and fit my personality! 

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
Honestly, I always wanted to be a Mom!  I feel truly blessed to be able to stay at home with my little boy, create something everyday, and run my business.  It is more then I could have dreamt up as a little girl! 

What other artists out there do you love?
Right now I love love love DrCraze.  A super cool husband and wife team that make awesome jewelry out of recycled  concrete.  I have the sweetest cloud necklace from them that I wear everyday! 

I really admire Moozle Home and would love to one day get a "Play Tent" for my son! 

And last but definitely not least,  I have been obsessed with Victor Perez’s recycled skateboard lamps.  His designs are well thought out and look so rad! 

What does your future hold?
Oh goodness, most likely a lot of “cutting, sanding and sealing” and hopefully I can sneak in a few of those bike rides I was telling you about.  

If you're in the area be sure to stop at the Trenton Ave Arts Festival to see Lynn's work on May 22nd!