Melina Gerges

Melina Gerges is a true Renaissance woman with an intriguingly varied skill set. A classically-trained opera singer, she has developed a name in the highly-demanding Italian opera scene. At the same time, she is also Melina Gerges, the sophisticated American pop singer with a distinctly sassy, European vibe. This compelling combination of classical music training, along with American pop, European dance, and exotic Middle Eastern roots, leaves no question about her utter uniqueness. Gerges has no trouble standing out above the rest of the pop music crowd. 

How do you describe your music to people, Melina?
I have recently settled on a couple of phrases that seem to give people a clear picture.   I sing Sophisticated Euro Dance Pop that sounds like a fusion of Shakira dance rhythms and an Enya world music sensibility!

Tell me about how you originally got into your craft.
Ever since I can remember I have been singing.  I sang with my mom in church.  I didn't even know that I was different than anyone else until the third grade when our choir teacher made everyone sing Happy Birthday...  A couple of years later, that same teacher swore she would kill me if I ever stopped singing!

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
Honestly... laying in my husband's arms at night....  that is when I exhale!

The beach is also a favorite!

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your business?
TIME!!  My biggest challenge is finding time to be the artist, to be the singer , the performer, the business person, emails, gigs etc...  The truth is so much slips through the cracks, but I try to continue to work the system and ask for help. 

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
I always knew I would perform.  I always knew... Thank God I didn't settle on Opera.  It's fun to be able to work in all genres

In what way has your community impacted your development as a musician?
Growing up listening to Arabic language, and Coptic hymns in church have impacted the way I sing. When writing or adlibbing my songs, those arabic tonalities that I grew up with resurface.  Because my family unit spoke arabic and English in one sentence, I tend to mix it in some of my songs also.

What other artists out there do you love?
I love Cold Play, Eva Cassidy, Enya, Fayrooz, Sarah Barielles,and John Legend!

What does your future hold?
Hmmmm....  I used to only wish for one thing.. like being a super famous singer... now, I believe that my path will constantly evolve but there is one thing I know for sure:  I will exhaust my God given talent and use it to help people.  I don't know if that will pay my bills, and I am not sure that i will ever be recognized for that... but it is ever so clear that THAT is my future.

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