Bloglove: Tiger Beatdown. Yes, again

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So, the post I linked here is part of a series they're doing on music and women over at Tiger Beatdown [LADYPALOOZA: The Tiger Beatdown Lilith Fair Experience, But If Lilith Fair Didn't Suck, And Also Were a Blog.]. They posted another one today that is also worth a read comparing the characterization of Liz Phair vs that of Rivers Cuomo.

LADYPALOOZA PRESENTS: Why Can’t I Be Making Love Cause I’m In It? Or, The Phair/Cuomo Conundrum.

When people talk about Liz Phair, they love to talk about “Fuck and Run.” Talking about “Fuck and Run” is an exciting thing because it provides an avenue for (usually half-baked) discussions about Public Explorations of Female Sexuality and “graphic” lyrical content – and, you get to say “fuck!” In the 15+ years since Exile in Guyville was first released, “Fuck and Run” has been consistently trotted out as the Liz Phair song, the one that is most representative of her canon (or, perhaps more accurately, the song that did the most to reinforce the public image of “sexually frank young woman” that was rapidly being built around her). When people talk about Phair, they beeline directly from “Debut album Exile in Guyville” to “controversial songs such as ‘Fuck and Run.’”

So, on one hand, we have a song like “Fuck and Run” – the Controversial Liz Phair Dear Diary About My Sex Life and What It Means for My Self Worth Anthem – and on the other hand, we have a song like “Tired of Sex,” by everyone’s favorite dude oriented power pop quartet, Weezer.
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