CPSC votes for one-year CPSIA delay on certain products

Posted yesterday on Consumer Reports

The Consumer Product Safety Commission today granted a one-year stay of testing and certification requirements for certain products to be regulated under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. According to the agency, the stay provides "some temporary, limited relief to the crafters, children’s garment manufacturers and toy makers who had been subject to the testing and certification required under the CPSIA." Not included under the stay are, among other things, the ban on lead in paint and other surface coatings, the standards for full-size and non full-size cribs and pacifiers and the limits on lead content of metal components of children’s jewelry.

In a statement, Consumers Union said: "We would have preferred the CPSC to use its authority under the law to grant specific exemptions for products that pose little or no health risk. This stay of enforcement for one year goes beyond what would have been necessary if the CPSC had addressed the concerns in a timely manner. Nevertheless, it does preserve the most critical intent of the law -- to protect children from dangerous products -- while leaving time to sort out implementation issues."