Little Robot

Little Robot offers art prints and original paintings as well as old fashioned wooden toys and paper theatres.

Tell me about how you originally got into your craft.
Well i've been into and out of it the last few years. Originally I went to college to do fine art and tried to get exhibitions afterwards, the trouble was that financially I couldn't afford to carry on like that so I met a great person who got me a job in a design agency. I dropped my own work for quite a long time, I was living in London so I couldn't afford to have studio space to work in, so it just receeded.

It was only when we moved to Scotland that I had extra space to work in and I gradually started working again. The technicalities of my work are heavily influenced by automata artists like Rodney Peppe and artists like Patrick Woodroffe who mess around with lots of different mediums. Most of the content is me trying to tell a story - I have been trying to write a novel on and off for years but i've never managed to make it further than sketchy outlines.

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
Artistically? Well at the moment it's practical things like having a break from my day job so I can have a continual run at making something i've been thinking about all year. Non-artistically, it's having dinner with my best freinds.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your shop?
Pricing things is always a problem for me, I still don't have a systematic approach to that but i'm getting there.

What item in your shop would you most like to receive as a gift if someone were shopping for you?
Any of the jumping jacks. They are such simple mechanisms with a rich history and a strong artistic heritage. I sell the originals and the paper versions, and will also be selling wooden versions shortly. My favourite so far is this one.

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
An artist and failing that, a writer

What other shops out there do you love?
I love love love Unordinary (There is nothing listed at the moment but she also has a website you can visit to see things she normally sells)
Lady Lavona's shop is a genuine treasure chest of unusual oddities
Elsita is brilliant at practically everything she turns her hand to
I love JennyBird's work and you can get some smaller items from her shop
I love The Hermitage, the content of Rima's work is full of history
Pen and Paper's store is wonderful, and her work is always changing

I am rambling now I know. But here's some more:
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What does your future hold?
I think most of my work will get bigger and there will be more elaborate stories. I might even finish that novel - even if it's told entirely through cut paper

Check out Little Robot's Etsy shop and for more awesomeness from one of my new favorite artists! (Seriously, go look at this. How great is that?)