Wednesday Wandered

It's been too long since my last artist profile. Sorry guys! It's been a hectic few weeks. What better way to kick it back into gear than by introducing you to an artist from my own hometown!

Wednesday Wandered is photographer Carla Rey Lankford. As the title of her shop suggests, many of the pieces in her shop began as photographs taken on her travels around the world. Each photograph is altered by layering them with her own hand-painted watercolors, resulting in other-worldly haunting images hinting at the mysterious stories and struggles of the subjects of her luminous pieces. The work featured here is Forest Spirit. Visit her shop to see other wonderful works such as Toward the Light and Daphne.

You can read more about Wednesday Wandered on her blog,

I have to go see if my pot roast is ready, so you go on ahead and take a look at her shop.