Such Good News!

And Another Barrier is Broken In Silverton, the sleepy Salem, Oregon suburb 40 minutes outside of Portland best known for its lush Oregon Garden and quaint antique shops, the small town’s new mayor-elect is poised to get some major attention in the days and weeks ahead as people come around to realize we’ve got another Oregon first on our hands: the recently elected Rasmussen is the first openly gender fluid, transgender-identified mayor of any American city.

Female General Breaks 'Brass Ceiling' The military's highest glass ceiling was finally shattered today, as Army Gen. Ann Dunwoody became America's first female four-star general.

Hubble Snaps First Photo Of Planet Circling A Star
It took about seven years, but NASA has finally found a planet that circles another star. The Hubble Space Telescope took the first visible-light snapshot of Fomalhaut b, which orbits a southern star, called Fomalhaut, about 25 light-years away.

'Billy Elliot' makes a great leap onto Broadway "Billy Elliot," the irresistible new show from London, which opened Thursday night, is that rare production - one that brings all the elements together and creates a fresh emotional experience.

Scientist Discovers Fungus That Could Fuel A Car
A researcher at Montana State University has found a micro-organism in a plant in South America that could fuel vehicles one day. The unusual fungus contains the essence of diesel, which one could use to run a bus, for example, without processing it at all.