Such Good News!

Juneau Wins Office of Public Instruction, a First At midnight, when it appeared Denise Juneau had won Superintendent of Public Instruction in Montana in Tuesday’s election, she was poised to become the first Native American to win a statewide executive level position in Montana.

N.H. first state with female majority in Senate Three more women were propelled to seats in the 24-member state Senate in voting Tuesday, boosting their numbers from 10 to 13.

Baratunde Thurston: We rejected so much history and so many rules that have bound us. We rejected fear I cannot stop crying. I am stunned. Barack Obama is the next presidentof the United States of America, and I cannot stop crying. America closed the deal. Yes, we did. It is hard to focus right now. My mind is travelling sporadically through space and time. Large moments and small are mixing.

Marines Credited With Rescue at California Motel Fire A handful of off-duty Marines are being credited with saving lives at a Lake Forest motel when they saw flames and smoke coming from its buildings and raced room-to-room, rousing sleeping guests.

Census of world's sea life tallies up tentacles of surprises A shark playground, a mountain of sea stars, and octopi revealing an unsuspected Antarctic ancestry are among the mysteries unveiled in the latest worldwide efforts, released Monday, to draft a census of all sea life.

Honda Reveals Its Own Robotic Leg Another Japanese company steps to the plate to bring mech-suit fantasies (and relief for the disabled) closer to reality