Craft project follow-up

I posted a link in this entry to a project where you can give new life to old t-shirts by turning them into grocery bags. Well, I did it! Did I take pictures? Well, no. I wasn't too great with the forethought. That's an issue with me. I have also recently begun an upholstery project and totally forgot to take before pictures. Oh well. Anyway.

So, the bags. I used an old Dar Williams shirt, an old Grateful Dead shirt, and an old camisole. I don't have a decent sewing machine, so I did the no-sew method using scrap ribbon. It took less than 5 minutes per bag, and they look pretty great! I highly recommend trying this project.

Now, the downside. The t-shirts were men's XL, so the bags are pretty cavernous. This is great for buying papergoods and such, not so great for heavier items. The camisole was not the best material in the world. I recommend against using items with very stretchy material. It ended up being a little unstable and hard for the grocery guys to fill without everything falling out. And it was so lacy that it kind of looked like a big pair of panties (there is that word again) which may have been a bit much for the kid bagging the groceries to endure.

On the upside, the checker and bagger were HUGELY impressed at my mad crafting skills. They made a big deal about how cool they were, insisted on showing them to everyone in BOTH lines and asked me how I did it. Pretty cool. And for $130 worth of groceries I left with only two plastic bags after they filled my three homemade bags and two regular tote bags. Awesome! And my grocery store gives you a 4 cent credit for every fabric bag you use, so that was 20 cents off my total. I'll take it!

Now, if only that bagger hadn't said "The Grateful Undead? Who are they?" it would have been a fantastic afternoon. That made me feel about 1000 years old. Punk.