Krafty Lady Kreations

I have never been able to get the hang of crochet. Every time I have tried it I end up with a horrible tense knotty mess. I am completely in awe of people who can crochet even a potholder, so you can imagine how much respect I have for the amazing baby booties from Krafty Lady Kreations! She specializes in crochet reproductions of mary janes and hi-top sneakers, but you will also occasionally find other specialty items in her shop as well. I ordered the booties pictured here for my nephew when he was born. They were a huge hit! Everyone in my family wears black Convies, so it was only right for the new kid to have a pair as well, right? The only thing I would have done differently was ordered the larger pair or maybe one of the larger AND one of the smaller pair since he outgrew them so fast (little sucker is growing like a weed!) At the prices she charges, it really would be easy to order multiple pairs.

Now I just need someone I know to have a girl so I can order a couple of pairs of these! So cute!!!