Everyone Loves a Crone in Training

So, have you been to etsy? Sure you have. You know about all the bits and baubles and other amazing things you can buy there made by the hands and hearts of everyday people. I plan to celebrate those artists here so that I can share them as far as my tiny little blog can reach.

The first artist I want to introduce you to is crowjoy. She is an amazing spirit and self-described crone in training. Having personally availed myself of her services in the past I can tell you that she has an uncanny insight into the human spirit (and from what I hear she's pretty good with animal spirits too). You can see more about what she currently offers here and check out her past offerings here. But don't just take my word for it, see what other people are saying about her!

She and her beautiful family are enjoying their first year on a charming little farm in New York State. Her time is currently filled with the vegetable processing and chicken tending that consumes the farm folks this time of year, so her shop is not in full swing at the moment. In the meantime you can still get a taste of what she offers until she gets things up and running again. Right now you can get a mini-reading from crowjoy in which she gives you one of her amazingly intuitive readings based on a one-card-draw. For a double-whammy of good feelings and warm fuzzies you can request the special edition reading. The proceeds from this reading go toward paying the medical bills of one of her friends, Fran. "Fran is sick, and uninsured and fighting the good fight for those with Lyme Disease who can't get treatment. At this point, only money for treatment is going to make her well enough to do it."

Just one example of what an amazing person she is. Go check her out. Scoot!