Easy Crock Pot Chili!

A coworker just asked me how to make the turkey chili I am always bragging about. I had never actually written it down before; I just kind of throw things in the pot. Since I wrote it out for her, I figured I may as well share it here.

Adjust quantities based on how many people you are feeding and what ratios you like. I tend to use a lot of beans. You can use beef if you want, but turkey tastes better.

Store brand is fine for everything!

  • Ground Turkey
  • Onion and mushrooms if you like them
  • Canned tomato sauce (plain)
  • Canned tomato (diced or crushed depending on how you like it. If you don’t like chunks, use another can of plain sauce)
  • Canned dark red kidney beans, drained
  • Canned light red kidney beans, drained
  • Packet of “White Chicken Chili” seasoning (from the same section where you’d find gravy packets. Use 2 packets if you are making a large batch or like it really spicy)

If using onions and mushrooms, sauté them first and set aside.

Brown the turkey in a frying pan. I usually add garlic and/or part of the seasoning packet on the turkey while browning.

Once that’s done, dump all ingredients into a crock pot. If you have time, let it cook a few hours on low to let the flavors get all mingly. If not, an hour on high will do the trick well enough. If you don’t have a crock pot (which you should – they are super awesome. I really want to upgrade mine to one like this) you can use a large pot on the stove as long as you keep the heat low and stir it every so often.

That’s it! Super easy, not too pricey, and insanely yummy. I made a huge vat of it at a party not long ago and there were no leftovers at all. Bummer for the boyfriend, but it made me feel good!